Prefabricated Parts Cut Build Time

JL Schwieters is working to cut down the time to construct both residential and commercial buildings. On average it takes about a year to build a single family home. That includes drawing up the plans and signing contracts. Even with a good construction team and all the materials available it still leaves the family living out of their dream home. If anything goes wrong it could take even longer. For an office space building, depending on the size, it can take anywhere from eight months and longer. Seems like that is a long time to be in accommodations that are too small for their needs. As a result of having most of the project prefabricated at our 3 manufacturing shops, we are able to cut down on the time and costs of building in the Minnesota area.

Prefabricated Construction Cuts Time

At our facilities in Minnesota, we use prefabricated parts on as much of a project as we can. From the walls and floors to the roof trusses and the stairs. In our construction yard’s controlled environment we’re able to cut down the times and costs of building both residential and commercial buildings. JL Schwieters is one of a kind, having all your needs for construction projects in one stop. Our construction company is a one-stop shop with all your construction needs.

With an entire fleet of Pettibone Forklifts and our state of the art in-house crane service at our disposal, we are able to supply our carpenters with the newest and best equipment. This removes any delays from waiting for deliveries of lumber we have our own lumber yard. We have 26 crews on highly skilled carpenters and craftsmen that have been with us as long as we’ve been in business. So there is no need to subcontract for laborers.

We offer the highest quality turnkey solutions because of our prefabricated pieces that can be used for either residential and commercial buildings. Because of this, our passion, professionalism, quality, and experience are evident in each and every building we frame.

JL Schwieters remain committed to innovation and improvement. By incorporating new technologies and techniques into our legendary work ethic, JL Schwieters continues to offer the industry’s best, greenest, and most affordable solutions to your construction needs. We work hard on any project to cut down the time, cost, and waste to ensure our clients get exactly what they need.

Work With Only the Best

If you are looking to start a project in the Metro of Minneapolis, take the time to visit JL Schwieters’ website to schedule a tour, or get a quote. Or call them directly at (651) 762-1110 for more information.

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