Innovations for Carpenters Safety

According to OSHA records, there is an average of 150,000 injuries a year on constructions sites. That is approximately 99 a week every day nationwide. Falls make up the majority of the incidents. Next biggest cause is incidents with construction equipment. We at JL Schwieters Construction have always tried to provide the best experience for our customers, so we strive for the best situations for our employees too. We have a high expectations of ourselves to ensure that our employees get back to their families safely every night. There is nothing more important to our company than our carpenters’ safety. We have invested time and money to make our expectation a reality.

Working for JL Schwieters

We try and prevent accidents before they happen. Prior to starting work, each employee participates in Safety Training. This training covers OSHA requirements, rights and responsibilities, and JL Schwieters policies. For entry-level employees, Hands-on Training is available. We offer training to employees who are just starting their career in carpentry with the tools and skills needed for a successful career. The safety of our carpenters and craftsmen is our greatest concern and we will continue to work to decrease the number of injuries on construction sites each year.

With proper training and the best equipment, we hope to gain more high-quality workers and craftsmen in the Minnesota area. Because without the employees on our 26 crews in the Metro and Minneapolis area, we wouldn’t be as efficient and effective with the hundreds of projects we work on.

Construction always has heavy machinery on sight and we make sure all our workers are trained for awareness of them and proper operation use. JL Schwieters offers the most comprehensive Forklift Operator Training in the industry. All forklift and industrial Truck training include classroom as well as hands-on training/operation.

Carpenters Safety First

In recent years we have spent thousands in funds for our new safety innovation, The Safety Pole. Safety Poles are drilled to the base of a structure, going throughout the residential or commercial property. When our carpenters are 6 feet or higher, they wear a harness that attaches to the system for protection. So as to ensure we keep our construction crews safe. To ensure the safety of our men and women these poles are used across all job sites because we care about our employees making it home to their families. Our carpenters and craftsmen are the foundation of our business and we feel the need to look after them.

If you are looking to start a project in the Minnesota area takes the time to visit Jl Schwieters ‘ website to schedule a tour, or get a quote. Or call them directly at (651) 762-1110 for more information.

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