Minnesota’s Leading Construction Company

Founded in 1980 by John and Leo Schwieters, JL Schwieters began as a traditional framing company with only a handful of employees. Since then we have gained a reputation of leading in the wood framing, and construction businesses. Because of our growth, we now have 3 manufacturing plants in the Minnesota area. We also have a fourth plant is in the works and it will expand our work area by an additional 144,000 area. We’ve become known as Minnesota’s leading construction company.

Because of our expertise in framing, other construction companies come to us, making us the largest framing sub-contractor in Minnesota.  This is because we hire on the best craftsmen and carpenters to avoid sub-contracting to other companies. As a result, our clients only have to contact a single company instead of multiple, and it will keep the costs of projects down.

Highest Construction Standards and Values in Minnesota

We pride ourselves to keep a set of standards on the job to ensure the best quality work is provided to our clients. As such, we hold to these values:

  • Dependability – 38-years of delivering first-rate buildings on time and on budget.
  • Experience – We employ the most skilled workforce with the top of the line carpenters, craftsmen, designers,  estimators, and site managers.
  • Quality –  With the highest quality construction materials, all our needs on hand and our climate-controlled facilities. Leading to faster times and less wasted product.
  • Efficiency – Turnkey packages and our environmentally friendly NextSTEP System eliminate delays and reduce waste.
  • Affordability- We can match any price on building materials, helping to reduce your bottom line.
  • Flexibility – Customize your unique project – no matter how big or small. We can help you make your project just perfect.

As Minnesota’s leading construction company, JL Schwieters believes each project brought to us should be a good experience. We accomplish this by focusing on our customers to ensure that throughout the entire process they are “completely satisfied”.

Work with Minnesota’s Leading Construction Company

If you are looking to start a project in the Minnesota area takes the time to visit JL Schwieters’ website to schedule a tour, or get a quote. Or call them directly at (651) 762-1110 for more information.

Looking to start a career in construction? JL Schwieters is looking for more high-quality carpenters and craftsmen. Send in your Resume to info@ljschwieters.com.