Roof Trusses in Production!

People have been building roof trusses since the medieval era before that time roofs were supported by couple rafters- pairs of rafters linked with horizontal beams. This structure was prone to collapse because it was structurally weak and couldn’t handle any kind of horizontal movement. Thankfully, we’ve made a few advances since then. There are two styles of trusses, closed and open, these can make the difference in what kind of roof you’ll be getting on the house. The most common roof truss is the king post. It gives your roof that standard slope and point. It adds a nice look to any house and is the considered the most sturdy.

We at JL Schwieters, with the building of our new manufacturing building, will soon be manufacturing roof trusses off-site and bring them to the projects completed. This is going to cut down the time for projects substantially. With the often wet days in Minnesota it takes time and if the weather doesn’t cooperate we could end up wasting materials by building on site. But with our new climate controlled facility we can be sure there is less waste. And in that way, there will be less wasted time on projects. We will proudly continue to provide our clients with the highest quality builds and save them time and money in the process.

We are currently offering tours of our new manufacturing building until January of 2019. Give us a call to schedule a free tour. Then tell us all about your next project.

Now Hiring

With our new expansion, we’re looking to add more experienced carpenters to our workforce. Check out our careers page to see what job opening we have. We offer training to those we feel will fit into our company. Contact us and we will get a hold of you!

Bringing people’s dream homes, and businesses to life is our greatest joy. We look forward to working with you on the next project.