The New Manufacturing Plant: Just the Beginning

In May of 2018, the city approved the construction on a new manufacturing plant. This new plant will expand our working area 144,000 square feet! We’re glad to say this will also allow us to expand our preproduction to not only floor but roof trusses. With that, we will be able to produce all of these materials off-site and shorten how long it takes to make homes and businesses. We’re very excited to continue to work in Hugo and continue to serve the Minnesota area. We are grateful and proud to call it home.

With this wider area, we will be putting out another additional wall panel line, on top of the floor trusses and the roofing trusses. We’re proud to be the only company to produce our own roofing trusses. And we will work hard to continue to be on top of the industry and provide our customers with the best quality and fast builds that we’re known for.

We will be offering Free tours of our new manufacturing plant until January of 2019. If you’re interested to see the quality and craftsmanship of our carpenters contact us to schedule a tour.

Just the Beginning

Our new building was just the beginning of what we hope to have at our new area. Along with the new manufacturing plant, we also have expanded our the storage of our manufactured roof trusses and floor panels. However, in the future, we are hoping to expand further. By adding warehouses and office spaces to better accommodate our growing company. If you’re looking to get into the construction industry and have a great work ethic give us a call or come in and see us to apply! We offer training in all fields and produce only the highest quality manufactured building materials.

We look forward to hearing from you. Whether you’re looking for work, or have a new project for us to work on.