Turnkey Framing – Field Installation Process

Learn more about the role that the field installation process plays in providing our customers with a turnkey framing solution.


Prefabricated building components have become a staple in the wood framing process of construction. Wall panels, floor panels, roof & floor trusses, and stairs components just to name a few. And there’s no wonder why. In an industry where the only thing certain is uncertainty, what makes a successful business is a reliable process the delivers consistently accurate solutions.

Over the last 40 years, we have perfected the process of prefabricated building materials for framing construction. We want to create the best experience for our customers. That's why we have mastered the collaboration that goes on behind the scenes. From the moment you reach out for a bid, to final installation in the field. Be at ease knowing your working with one of the highest trusted framing companies in Minnesota.

Behind The Scenes

No two days are the same out on the job sites. For starters, we work on a variety of jobs. From single-family residential homes, all the way to apartments, gas stations, hotels, and senior living communities. That being said, the number of carpenters on the job site depends on what type of site we are on. On residential single-family homes, our crews have between 3-4 carpenters. However, when we are working on a larger apartment or senior living facilities, our crews have 10-20 carpenters.

Material Delivery

Up next, material delivery. With a fleet of truck drivers and crane operators, we are able to coordinate on-time delivery. Our drivers start in Hugo, and travel all across the Twin Cities Metro. Once the material arrives on the job site it's time to unload it. At this time, we use a Pettibone Forklift or boom truck crane, which is already on the job site. Subsequently, our crews begin the building process.

Beginning the Installation Process

In addition to many other skills, our foremen have vast experience in reading and interpreting blueprints, managing employees, and putting safety first. On the job site, they take the prefabricated building materials and put them together like a 3D puzzle. Our crews are driven to meet every deadline. Constant communication between our project managers, designers, and foremen ensures that all questions or concerns are handled immediately. In addition, we have our service team who are dedicated to completing a punch list. They’re responsible for making sure that all aspects of the building exceed standards after the crews have left a job site. Having our service team eliminates the stress of coming back to a job site to fix errors that may have been overlooked. Finally, the building is ready for the next trade to come in.

We are passionate about creating the best experience for our customers. As a result, over the last 40 years, we have perfected the collaboration that goes on behind the scenes on the job sites. More importantly, where our customers have one point of contact from the moment they reach out for a bid, to final installation. In addition, we’re proud to be the first framing company in Minnesota to offer a Full Turnkey Framing Solution.


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