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Delays That Come From Equipment

One of the biggest delays that can happen on a construction site is when the equipment doesn't arrive on time for the work that needs to be done. Sometimes when you rent your equipment through other companies there can be mistakes or delays with getting the equipment where it needs to be.

By having Builders Equipment Company (BEC) we have made it so we have access to the equipment we need when we need it.


Pettibone Brand

BEC uses only the highest quality equipment, that means we're using Pettibone. They specialize in equipment that is not only tougher but safer and made to tackle the large challenges that can come up on a construction site.

By having the best available to us we are able to keep our sites safe. We make sure all our workers are trained and know how to work around our heavy machinery.

Staying On Budget, and On Time

JL Schwieters works hard to keep all our projects on our client's time table and within the budget. By having our own heavy equipment on hand to use in our projects we can cut down the costs that would otherwise go toward renting these big machines.


We work hard to make sure our clients are getting exactly what they're looking for in a project. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality homes and businesses in the area. Come see why our clients keep coming back to JL Schwieters.

Construction Experts You Can Trust

Our team of framing professionals is constantly providing innovative solutions for any project.

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